If you are moving out your household items to a new location or plan transporting of your goods internationally and intend to buy or rent a new or used container make sure you have some knowledge of the market beforehand. You may seek an advice from your local shipping or Container Company about the buying or container hire, with a bit of market information you can yourself select a container best fitting to your needs at a very competitive price and that will guarantee the safety and security reaching of your belongings. Here are some general tips how you can buy or rent a container at a competitive price.

• Where to look at for container

Almost all major cities in the world have businesses or companies that sell or lease on rent the containers. Once you are sure of your needs you look for a local company in your directory and phone them or visit them expressing your need to buy or rent a container. In case of you are buying a container for your long-term or permanent need also know about your local municipal rules.

• Look for dry containers for sale

In your pursuit of competitive price look for 40ft dry container that are on the sale in your local area or other cities that you can buy online. The big cities have larger trade volumes and more containers feed the higher trade demand and it is likely you can get cheaper rates.

• Chose the right size

The size of the container will largely depend on the size and weight of your goods but the 20ft container is the most commonly used size for transport of both the domestic property and commercial goods, for local and international movements. Make sure your belongings fit in the container. Otherwise they can be damaged during the movement of the container i.e. during loading and offloading.

• Self-pack shipping containers can save a lot for you

Self-pack shipping containers are the cheap alternative for you to avoid excessive cost on the movement of your property whether locally or internationally. You can yourself pack your belongings in your comfort and ship them anywhere in the world. They are the most-effective shipping options.

• Side opening shipping containers are easier to pack, unpack

The side opening shipping containers are at no disadvantage to the containers that open to the front. They are easier to load and unload. You can stack up your property such as boxes with the help of a lifter or manually. They generally open on the both sides and you can make use of the space more purposefully.

• High cube shipping containers vs standard

As a general rule, high cube shipping containers give you a foot extra height, meaning more volume and more storage capacity, and there is not much difference in the price too. So, it will be of more benefit to you that you chose a high cube container.

Emelina Cedillo