Jewellery is one of the must-have accessories for women. A woman without jewellery can simply not be imagined. In fact, there is an intimate connection between jewellery and women.

From the very early period to modern times women are wearing jewellery. With changing of times the trend of jewellery has also changed. If you compare the jewelleries of ancient period and modern times you will find a huge difference between them. The difference is mainly noticed in designs.

Day by day, the choice of wearing jewellery has also changed. Nowadays, most of the women like to wear small but trendy jewellery. Even, in engagement and wedding rings there are trendy designs available. You can also enjoy the facility of buying engagement ring custom made from reputed jewellers.

While ordering engagement ring custom made for your beloved, you can ask her choice. It would be helpful for you to know her choice and then place order of the ring.

New trends

Black becomes a favorite color in jewellery. Girls now like to wear black stoned necklace, ring, or stud. Even in ear rings black is getting popularity. In Paris Fashion week the style of black and white jewellery first introduced and this evergreen style is universally accepted.

Studs and small ear rings are the most fashionable accessories nowadays. Stud with ear ring jackets make a beautiful fashion. It gives a cool look to a girl. These are available in all jewellery shops comparatively.

Chokers and various types of necklaces are trending nowadays. A choker with denim gives a girl a fashionable and trendy look. The small gold pendants are also very much trendy jewellery and its demand is increasing day by day. Pendant with a gold chain is what most of the girls now wears. The demand of huge locket is now almost obsolete. This type of pendant can go with all kinds of traditional dress and western dress also.

Oversize ear rings are also a fashion in modern time. A girl in western dress can appear in style and trendiness by wearing big ear rings. So wearing oversize rings with jeans and some ethnic wears is a fashion in this time.

Wearing different ear rings in ears also becomes a fashion nowadays. One of the newest trends of jewellery is asymmetry. Some whimsical styled jewellery is a fashion nowadays. Some use the rainbow coloured ear rings or necklaces. These are also very much stylish.

Ethnic jewelleries are not fully out of style. Actually, the thing is some girls like to wear ethnic jewelleries. Girls who wear traditional dresses can wear ethnic jewellery. There are lots of jewelleries are in market but you need to find out the right shop.

Emelina Cedillo