Keep A Track Of Your Baby’s Weight

Having a child is undoubtedly one of the biggest developments in a couple’s life. As a parent, one of the prime concerns is to ensure that the baby grows healthy. To do so parents need to regularly keep a track of their child’s growth in terms of weight and height, and considering the busy schedules that most parents have in today’s time, it becomes extremely difficult to take time out to go to the doctor just for keeping a track on the baby’s growth. This can be easily done at home if you have a baby scale. Yes you have heard it right, there is a special weighing machine kind of a device that records even the slightest increase or decrease in the baby’s weight that too accurately. Most weighing scales are built on a scale of two kilograms to ten. Hospitals, particularly nurseries where new born are kept post-delivery have these baby scales. This device is light in weight and can be easily be moved around.

All these scales are designed under guidance and instruction issued by Class III Approved. And the best part is that the scales made by Marsden all come with a warranty of four years.  If you don’t know what Class III Approved is, here is all you need to know. This practice began in the year 2003 and ever since then has been put to effect all over EU.  After rigorous testing and experimentation, it has been agreed upon for a standard quality of the scales for reliable results. All baby scales must have an accuracy of fifty grams in general and for measuring birth rate it should be twenty grams.

AMA has a huge collection of baby weights, one out of them is made by Seca and its model number is 334. This baby scale costs seven hundred and twenty-five dollars and is digital in nature. This is just the perfect piece to buy if you are looking for a baby scale, as it is light is weight, is compact without any compromise on quality, and the weight displayed can be easily read. Some of the prominent features include: it is like a cradle which is comfortable to lay the child in while its weight is being recorded. The presence of an automatic system f damping ensures that results are reliable. If you are interested about portable screening audiometers you can visit this website

The scale has a warranty of two years during which if any error is observed, the customer must immediately contact the company for immediate fixtures. Presence of a large LCD means that even people with weak eye sight can easily read the weight displayed. The maximum capacity this Baby scale can uphold is twenty kilograms, which means that any child from birth till toddler stage can be weighed on this scale. The device is delivered along with an intake function of Breast Milk also known as BMIF and a rod for measuring that is optional.