Thoughts of home renovation and construction being a significant issue for consideration for owners, is an area constantly explored by construction related organisations and individuals in pursuing revenue generating business. The need for eco friends and sustainable materials for construction is ever increasing because of the threats facing the environment. Sustainable construction processes account for a reduction in the global carbon footprint by a considerable amount. Within this spear outdoor constructions will be the focus of this article.

Choices and its repercussions

When it comes to enhancements or outdoor design, one has to consider if complete overhauling is required or partial additions or changes will suffice. Some decisions would include retaining or removing of long standing trees. Also changing of landscape from its original state requires expert input that could affect the house or building and its lifespan in drastic levels. Regular occurrences of earth slips, building collapses, sinkholes and other disasters reported through news networks provides insight to contributory factors of either erroneous construction, material or environment that requires careful choices to be made.

Material choices and significance on the environment

A wide array of materials sourced from landscaping products such as, pavers and bricks of granite, marble, sandstone and clay are significantly elegant in comparison to concrete creations generally preferred due to cost. Exploration of materials derived from demolished buildings obtained through resellers could enable a reduction of cost significantly. Re usable material carefully sourced can actually be a huge benefit to you and the environment. For example there are many constructions that are done using old tyres and compressed computer parts. Concrete materials being the major component in renovation and construction of outdoor elements could be substituted in full or part through review by specialists involved in the planning process. From clay bricks to rock and rubble, sandstone to granite, solutions to every need is available through reputed material suppliers listed online or situated locally.

Options to be explored are generally limitless with a creative focus on its completion and cost. Materials used within the creation of boundaries and retaining walls could also be reviewed in ensuring a lesser environmental impact is generated in maintaining that eco friendly balance. Sandstone and clay bricks mixed within smaller walls could replace complete concrete or rock walls supported through careful placement. Reshaping and refining reusable stone materials allows exploration of construction creativity and usage avenues in an environmentally friendly manner. Proper cleaning and maintenance of the constructed elements also ensures the sustainability of the project reducing in cost and waste.

Emelina Cedillo