Contact lenses are an increasingly popular method of restoring good quality vision in those who do not have great vision naturally. Because it is fashion friendly, it has surpassed the popularity of glasses as well. However, there are certain measures that one must take in order to make sure that the contact lenses they have are safe for use. Here are some of the more unheard of measures that you can take to make sure of this.

Remove all makeup before you go to bed

Whether or not you wear lenses, sleeping while wearing a face full of makeup along with liner, mascara, false lashes and shadow is a real health hazard. The mascara and liner can dissolve easily in your tears and clog the pores and the glands around making pimple and stys a possibility. It could also lead to inflammation and infection. The glue in lashes too have a similar effect. Imaging these dangers in the presence of a contact lens that can really trap all the particles in your cornea? If you feel that this will be a problem for you look at laser surgery for eyes instead. They will give you a permanent solution so visit a trusted eye specialist Melbourne.

Do not use expired lens cleaner, lenses or drops

Would you eat anything that is past expiration date consciously? No. what would happen in the event that you did ingest food past expiration date? You would end up with a nasty case of food poisoning that will have you sleeping on the floor of the loo. The same applies for contact lenses, false tears, drops and lens cleaner as well. You must remember that the ingredients in every single one of these, is directed at fighting infection and keeping your vison safe. After expiration date, these ingredients could just become redundant or even toxic if exposed o conditions that could change their consistency. Trying to be a cheapskate in your lenses will have you bearing the laser eye correction cost or worse.

Do not depend on redness reducing drops

Many people rely heavily on redness reducing drops to make sure that their corneas look all clean and fresh. But the truth is that these drops have a lot of chemicals, preservatives and vasoconstrictors that are harmful for your optical sensory organs in the long run. If you experience redness regularly go visit a specialist doctor, not the pharmacy. If you are worried about how bad you look with red corneas just imaging how horrible you will feel at losing your vision because you were too careless to go to the doctor.

Emelina Cedillo