How To Conduct An Awesome Student Orientation

Student orientations can happen in many different ways. However one thing is very important to remember. The right student orientation can really help every new student understand how their university life will be and will make them super motivated to get started on this brand new chapter of their lives. What you should be looking for from a good student orientation is to retain students and to ensure that the student success rate remains high at all times. Here are some great ways to make sure that both these points are met.

Motivate students to engage socially

All of the new students that are coming in should not feel the need to only find friends with the new batch and not mingle with the already existing student base. Give them name tags Adelaide that they can wear so that responding to them with this and it would be easier for everyone including you. The approach will give them a feeling of being at home or being comfortable with their new surroundings. You will also need to have great ice breakers for which this is really another great way to go. If there is a chance that this could happen let current students talk candidly about their current experiences at the university which will give new students a chance to know what to expect. You could also try introducing them to clubs and societies that are there in the university so that students have the right options.

Contribute to building the pride of a student.

This part involves welcoming students into the current university community. Sometimes little actions like giving them their orientation papers and the likes in small printed paper bags with each one’s first-name on them can really go a long way. If there is a university tradition that you would like to pass on to the new students it might also be a great idea to do so at the orientation. Perhaps they can learn a few inside jokes, some student slang or even join in signing a banner. Always make the focal point of the orientation one that concentrates on making the experience a fun and engaging one for students. That way they will be able to enjoy their studies at the university better and also make sure that they do not feel alienated.

Assure them about support

Students who come into a university are all treading on new territory and that alone is enough without adding to it the pressure of meeting new people and having to face certain challenges alone as many of them will be moving away from their families. For this very reason the student orientation should also focus largely on assuring and creating awareness with the students about the kind of support network that they will be privy to at the university.