Many companies manufacture swimwear these days. Billabong is one of the leading manufacturers of swimwear. It manufactures thirty to forty different items of swimwear. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and forms. Billabong started its operations twenty to thirty years ago as a small domestic setup. It has grown in stature and size since then. Its shares are traded on multiple stock exchanges. Its market value has increased over time. This trend is projected to continue into the future.

Swimwear for beaches:

One of the best known range from billabong is of swimwear for beaches. People use swimwear when they visit beaches. Examples include bikinis and boardshorts. Both bikinis and boardshorts are classified as beach swimwear. Other items of beach swimwear include shorts, swimsuits and trousers.

Swimwear for pools:

Billabong also makes swimwear for the swimming pools. People often visit pools to swim and to exercise. Swimming works the core muscles in the body. Swimwear for pools is somewhat different from swimwear for beaches. The material used to make swimwear should be thin and waterproof. Thick fabric absorbs water and makes the cloth heavier. This type of fabric is not well suited for swimwear. Nylon and polyester are ideal for making swimwear. Both nylon and polyester possess the physical properties required for effective swimwear. Both of them are water-resistant and do not absorb excess amounts of liquid. This makes them light in weight and ideal for using in swimwear. Nylon is used to make swimwear for both sexes. Cotton is usually mixed with other fabrics such as polyester before it can be used to make boardshorts or bikinis.

Swimwear for kids:

Kids should be told about the importance of exercising from an early age. This make them active. It also helps to foster a health lifestyle. Habits like this stay with them for a lifetime. They have potentially long-term implications for their development and growth. Billabong has a special dedicated line for kids. Billabong caters to all age groups. This is why children as young as ten to twelve years old can buy swimwear manufactured by billabong. Many parents buy swimwear for their young teenage kids.

Accessories for professionals:

One of the best known range of swimwear offered by billabong is for professionals. Professional swimmers prefer buying items manufactured by billabong. Billabong is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to swimwear. They are the leading manufacturers and importers of boardshorts and bikinis. Their items are sold all over the country. Their dedication to quality is what had made them so popular. Three out of four professional athletes cite billabong as their favourite swimwear brand. Products made by billabong are used at all age levels. They are used by amateur and professional sportspersons alike.

Emelina Cedillo