electronic scoreboard

LEDs are flat panel displays. The led screens used the different arrays of emitting diodes to display the images on the screens. The LED video screen has become popular these days due to its properties. Some of the basic uses are given below.


Billboards are used to displays different types of information on these led screens. The led video screens are used as a billboard indoors and outdoors. These led video screens become the advertising medium through these billboards.

  • Indoor: Indoor these led video screen billboards are used mostly in many supermarkets or malls to seek the attention of the audience. For example, there are many shoes in the mall that have animated titles of the brand that are displayed by using these led video screens.
  • Outdoors: Outdoors these led video screens can be used to display an announcement about anything for example if there is any sale or any new brand is launched then to disclose this announcement these led video screens are mostly used.

The led video screen can also be used on different vehicles.  Some buses use these led video screen. The organization or some institution buses uses these led video screens so that student or the employee can take the right bus and reach their destination. Many trains use these led video screen on which different stations names are displayed that tells the route of the train.


The led video screens have become very popular among businesses. The businessman uses these led video screens for presentations. Many of the organization arrange numerous events everyone’s preference is to see what happens on stage this these led video screen installed in the hall or events so that everything in stage become visible for the audience


These led video screens to become very popular during concerts. The very high resolution led video screen are used in the concerts so that no little detail can be missed out.


The led video screen is used to show the whole match on these screens to the people who are farther from the screens. The electronic scoreboards are very popular led video screen used for displaying scores of different sports. In sports, people wanted to see the score very clear.  These electronic scoreboards change the score digitally using the control panel. The control panel is run by a credible person.

These electronic scoreboards can be used indoor as well as outdoors.

  • Indoor scoreboard: Indoor electronic scoreboards are less expensive. Indoor electronic scoreboards consist of audios. The size of the indoor electronic scoreboard is also smaller and a dimmer setting, it is easily visible to the audience.
  • Outdoor scoreboard: The outdoor electronic scoreboards are expensive than indoors. The outdoor not consists of the audios. These electronic scoreboards must be waterproof. The outdoor electronic scoreboard needs to keep the bright light setting so the scoreboard is also visible during the day.

Emelina Cedillo