Ultimately backyards if prepared well can be a safe haven for your child and a place they would love to be in. So take your time and prepare them well. Nowadays everybody wants to have a say on what is beneficial and not beneficial for a child. Pediatricians, scientists, researchers, grandmothers, aunts, the neighbors next door and random strangers on the street, would have something to say regarding this. So what is true and what is false? What kind of toys should your child play with?

Children are constantly learning and improving both new and already acquired skills. Everything is a learning opportunity for them. Therefore it is true that parents should be careful with what they give their children to play with. Toys such as kids kitchens, maybe viewed by some as a feminine toy that forces young girls into gender roles and stereotypes. However they also make a child grow accustomed to cooking which is a basic skill everybody would need to survive. Pairing one food toy with another also teaches them about matching and patterns. Kitchen sets can also be used to teach children Arithmetic and the concept of money in a fun and interactive manner. Thus you should give your children kitchen sets to play with however do not limit it to only girls. Give the toy to boys as well. Encourage them to play with it too. This would instill in them a love for cooking. And if you and your partner share the duties in the kitchen and encourage your friends of all genders to help in the kitchen, your children would learn that cooking is an activity not limited to one gender. They would learn to look past traditional gender roles. Isn’t that a wonderful thing?

Furthermore some view outdoor play equipment as dangerous for a child’s wellbeing. Equipment such as trampolines is viewed by some as dangerous to a child. While this is true to some extent, it is over exaggerated. If a parent or an adult monitors the children play in the trampoline and ensure that the little ones know how to safely use the equipment. There would be very little chance for injury. Trampolines have enormous benefit to a child. They increase a child’s balance and agility. Children also learn to control reflexes. Most importantly it’s a healthy and fun exercise.Moreover minor injuries such as small scrapes, cuts and bruises are not a bad thing. You cannot always protect your children. Sometimes they need to learn from their own experience. Every one of us have fallen and hurt ourselves when we were children. And we learnt from that. We learnt to be careful. We should try to protect our children but it’s not wise to make a mountain out a molehill. So take what everyone says with a pinch of salt. Some hold truth. Many don’t. When you give your child a toy or equipment, teach them how to use it safely and ensure that they can learn a lot from it. The responsibility is yours. So if you do your part, your children will be able to get the utmost benefits from their play time.kids-toys-sale

Emelina Cedillo